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Welcome to Ontario Sanitary Services

As a locally owned and operated family business, Ontario Sanitary Service strives to provide high quality, cost effective service to all customers.

Established in 1976, Ontario Sanitary Service is a full service refuse and recycling company serving Ontario and all of Malheur County.  Our services include residential, commercial, and industrial garbage collection and recycling services.  At our facility there is a Transfer Station / Materials Recovery Center that is open to the public.  Also at our facility is an after-hoursdrop-off center for recycling.

Curbside collection of recyclable materials for residential customers started in 1992.  This service has grown over the years to become an important part of everyone’s weekly or every other week service.  Service is provided the same day as garbage using a separated route truck, collecting materials for recycling.

Also in 1992, Ontario Sanitary Service purchased Dean’s Disposal, a company providing garbage collection service in rural Malheur County.  Since then, Ontario Sanitary Service has expanded this service to include rural Nyssa, rural Vale, Adrian, Jordan Valley, Harper, Juntura, Brogan, and Farewell Bend.

In 1994, The Ontario Transfer Station and Materials Recovery Center was built in Ontario.  This provides for the transfer of refuse from Ontario to the Clay Peak Landfill in Idaho.  An important part of this facility is the collection, processing, and shipping of all materials collected for recycling.  Part of this service also brought Drop Off Recycling Centers in Ontario, Vale and Jordan Valley.

In 2007, Ontario Sanitary Service Added Electronics Recycling which includes, Television, Computers, Laptops, and Computer Monitors.  During 2010, Ontario Sanitary Service added Yard Waste Collection to residential customers.

Ownership and Management of Ontario Sanitary Service covers three generations.  As a family owned business, Ontario Sanitary Service management and employees live in and support the local area.

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